We provide you with Transform Experts

Get the best independent Bottomline Transform(R) (aka FormScape, Covus, PrecisionForms) consultants on your project without paying recruitment agencies.

We represent a group of independent Transform experts

In summary: On site kick off, then remote.

Our consultants are mainly dotted over the UK but we are happy to (and do) cover customers around the world.

Transform Overview

Our Services

What can we do for you?

Pure 'Coding'

The reality of using Transform to its full potential is that it actually needs to be ‘programmed’ (or coded) and that is what we are experts at.


You might need some help to get going with Transform. We love helping people make the most of it.

Performance Tuning

There is usually plenty that can be optimised to speed up your Transform architecture, we know, we’ve done it lots.


We can design or review your projects (code) and the server infrastructure they run on.

Transform Connect

Transform excels at data extraction, manipulation and output (ETL). Let us show you how.


Let us train your team. Whether it is a bespoke course or a standard course we are happy to deliver it on site for you.

Graphic Design

Make your documents stand out by looking fresh and on trend. We can design your documents in house or use our award winning graphic designer partners.

Cost Cutting

Knowing the licensing as well as the tech inside out, we can review your costs and advise on any potential savings.

Support Contracts

Perhaps you need peace of mind. If your system is business critcal we can offer on-call support contracts.

Get In Touch

Please do get in touch to see if we can help you out:

I want help with Transform AP (inbound scanning)
I want help with Transform Outbound (document creation, data transformation, emails, etc.)